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July, 2014

Welcome to the Friends Corner

Hello from the FRIEND’s Board

At our latest meeting on the 8th of July we nominated a slate of officers for next year's Friends of the Orcas Island Library. They are:
Tim Lunde, President
Elane Phipps, Vice President
Jean Soderquist, Secretary
Lynn Carter, Treasurer

There will be an Annual Meeting for all Friends in September at which time these candidates will be sworn in. More information will be available to all at a later date. After a very short business meeting, the rest of our time together will be spent on a fascinating lecture.

Do you use Amazon Prime? If so, and when you are asked to which non-profit organization you would like to contribute your bonuses, please consider the Friends of the Orcas Island Library as we are on their list. Every little bit of money helps support special programs and items for the Library. Thank you.

The Library Board and Friends of the Library are going to be working together in support of the soon-to-be-announced special functions the Board is planning to present to our community related to the proposed expansion of our library. These will be wonderful, memorable and something not to miss!

Friends are busy busy sorting and boxing your book donations all through the year. We don't stop at the time of the Library Fair and we hope you don't either. Keep those books coming! There has been a recent exception: Someone "donated" two phone books. I mean, really, who is going to buy something at the Fair they can get free at the Post Office? If you have an unwanted phone book or a book that is dirty or heavily marked, please take care of it yourself rather than "give" it to the Library.

This summer"s book sale will be our 58th! Time at our Friend"s meeting was spent on the organization of the August 9, 2014 Library Fair so it will be a Don"t Miss Event!! Those of you who have enjoyed one or more of the previous 57 Fairs know what I mean. Reminder: It will be held in the Library parking lot.

Welcome welcome welcome to our new Friend's Board Member, Jerry Salvas. If you are reading this and want to be part of what we do, please call one of the members below.

For that matter, if you are reading this and aren't ready to apply to be a Board Member, we encourage you to fill out a membership form for Friends of the Orcas Island Library and be one of our financial supporters. The forms are at the library and on their web page. We'd love it and you will feel good about putting your money where your time, effort and books are!

Your Friends Board:
Lynn Carter, James Lobdell, Tim Lunde, Kathy Morris, Carol Salvas, Elane Phipps, Anjie Reaagles, Jean Soderquist, Jim Wiemeyer, Sandy Wilson, Jerry Salvas.

Contact the Library or any Friends member about joining the Friends Board, and about the many different volunteer opportunities.


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Officers of the Board

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Friends of the Orcas Island Library Board

Lynn Carter — Treasurer
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email Lynn

James Lobdell
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email James

Tim Lunde — President
5178 Orcas Road Eastsound WA 98245 206-399-7657
Email Tim

Kathy Morris
478 Old Pottery Road Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-5599
Email Kathy

Carol Ordway
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Carol

Elane Phipps
170 Montgomery Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-8131
Email Elane

Anjie Reagles
P.O. Box 1766 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4006
Email Anjie

Jean Soderquist — Secretary
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Jean

Valerie West — Vice-President
P.O. Box 968 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-3715
Email Valerie

Jim Wiemeyer
P.O. Box 266 Orcas WA 98280 360-376-5358
Email Jim

Sandy Wilson
P.O. Box 339 Deer Harbor WA 98243 360-376-4524
Email Sandy

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