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January, 2014

Welcome to the Friends Corner

Hello Friends –

For a group used to handling books one at a time, it is an exciting day when we can announce to you that our organization, Friends of the Orcas Island Library, has accumulated a huge monetary amount from sorting and re-selling the books you’ve donated. Our library’s expansion is coming up and making our library the best it can be for all of us is our main raison d’etre. Putting these two events together, we decided at our last meeting to give the library $100,000 toward their goal. Yes, you read this correctly….One Hundred Thousand Dollars! We are still excited about being able to do this, and we hope you are too!

Our board members will be included in the expansion committees as the Library Directors set them up, allowing information to flow freely between the Library Board and Friends this exciting event is organized.

Our membership is an important part of Friends and to date we have 143 members. Is your name on the list? If not, it certainly is not too late. If you no longer have the membership letter that was recently mailed, please pick one up at the check out counter or click on the link.

Member or not, you are encouraged to avail yourself of the library-related gear we have for you. You can purchase hats, canvas bags and/or bumper stickers at the front desk.

Our next Community Event is the Winter Book Sale. It will be held at the school on Saturday, March 1. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. you will be able to pick out just the right books for yourself and others from the large assortment divided into separate categories such as fiction, non fiction, mysteries, cookbooks, gardening, DIY, sports, history, nature, etc. This is an annual affair and we have only books donated since our Summer Book Fair. Come see what is new!

Friends of the Orcas Island Library is on FACEBOOK. Come check us out. Better yet, become our Friend.

Your Friends Board:
Lynn Carter, James Lobdell, Tim Lunde, Kathy Morris, Carol Ordway, Elane Phipps, Angie Reagles, Jean Soderquist, Jim Wiemeyer, Valerie West, Sandy Wilson.

Contact the Library or any Friends member about joining the Friends Board, and about the many different volunteer opportunities.


Areas of Interest

Annual Events & Activities

The Friends Corner — Online Newsletter
Winter Book Sale — Smaller book sale held in February
Library Fair — Art auction, silent auction, book sale, crafts and food booths, music, quilt raffle

Officers of the Board

Committees & Chairs

Friends of the Orcas Island Library Board

Lynn Carter — Treasurer
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email Lynn

James Lobdell
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email James

Tim Lunde — President
5178 Orcas Road Eastsound WA 98245 206-399-7657
Email Tim

Kathy Morris
478 Old Pottery Road Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-5599
Email Kathy

Carol Ordway
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Carol

Elane Phipps
170 Montgomery Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-8131
Email Elane

Anjie Reagles
P.O. Box 1766 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4006
Email Anjie

Jean Soderquist — Secretary
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Jean

Valerie West — Vice-President
P.O. Box 968 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-3715
Email Valerie

Jim Wiemeyer
P.O. Box 266 Orcas WA 98280 360-376-5358
Email Jim

Sandy Wilson
P.O. Box 339 Deer Harbor WA 98243 360-376-4524
Email Sandy

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