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Orcas Island Library District Core Values

The Orcas Island Library District guides its actions according to the following core service values:

  1. Equity of access and services for all members of the community with respect to:
    1. Hours of operation that meet library users' schedules
    2. Free services whenever possible
    3. Accessible facilities, collections, and technologies
    4. Assistance from staff
    5. Outreach to people with varying language and physical needs
    6. Appropriate services to all demographic groups
    7. Adequate space for all library users
  2. Intellectual freedom relating to:
    1. Free and open access to all forms of information and self-expression
    2. Protection for the right to read and explore without interference and monitoring
    3. Meeting the need for an informed electorate
    4. Diversity of representation in library collections and services
  3. Learning support for:
    1. The development of young readers
    2. All community members seeking to strengthen their skills in reading and information seeking
    3. Lifelong learning in all fields of exploration

Examples of Current Core Services

Examples of existing services and actions that express OILD core values include:

  1. Collections for all age groups, audiences, and in all formats meeting the needs and interests of the community; for example: books, DVDs, databases, CDs, Spanish-language materials, tapes, and downloadable books
  2. Service hours from 10am to 7pm Mon-Thu and 10am to 5pm Fri-Sat
  3. Checkout, information, and other customer services during all open hours provided by trained staff and volunteers
  4. Public Internet, wireless, copy machine, and basic software programs
  5. Outreach services to individuals and groups
  6. Programs and events appropriate for all community members
  7. Online access to the catalog, website, databases, and a community library and resource network
  8. Public spaces available for meetings, programs, study, discussion, reading, play, and relaxation
  9. Wheelchair access throughout the building
  10. Maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces conducive to use of the library
  11. Communication about the library via publicity, meetings, and networking
  12. Collaboration with other organizations and community groups
  13. Magnification system for low-vision readers
  14. Interlibrary loans for materials not held in our collection
  15. Online community calendar and a bulletin board in the Library's lobby

Approved by the Library Board on July 14, 2008.