Orcas Island Library District Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Orcas Island Library District meets at 2:00 pm on the Second Thursday of every month. Due to the revised OPMA in response to COVID-19, all meetings are held via Zoom. The public is welcome to attend.

Directory of Trustees

Julia Gates

January, 2020 – December, 2024

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Sam Blackman

January, 2021 – December, 2025

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Mary Johanson

January, 2022 – December, 2026

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Tom McDonough

January, 2023 – December, 2027

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Officers of the Board

President: Madeline Sheplor

Vice-President: Mary Johanson

Board Secretary: Julia Gates

Recording Secretary:
Janet Marlow
Orcas Island Public Library
500 Rose Street
Eastsound, WA 98245
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Active Committees

Community Relations: Julia Gates

Finance: Madeline Sheplor

Policy & Personnel: Tom McDonough

Resources & Programs: Mary Johanson

Systems & Facilities: Sam Blackman

Guidelines for Public Comment at Library Board Meetings

  1. Typically, there are two public comment sessions defined on the agenda. Public comment is limited to these sessions:
    1. During the first session, general comments are welcome, but additional agenda items will not be accepted.
    2. At the second session, members of the public are requested to limit their comments to agenda items that are being discussed at the current meeting.
  2. At the meeting chair's discretion, additional public comment sessions or minutes may be allowed.
  3. Any member of the public wishing to have an item considered for addition to the agenda is asked to contact either the library director or the board president at least one week before the next library board meeting.
  4. Members of the public who wish to speak are asked to identify themselves to the board before speaking.
  5. Members of the public are limited to a maximum of five minutes of comments in each of the two public comment sessions.
  6. In the Public Library Trustee Summary Manual published by the Washington State Library, it states that "although a board meeting is held in public, it is not a public hearing." Public comments will be addressed to the entire library board, but normally there will not be a response from either board members or the director. It is at the meeting chair's discretion to allow any response or discussion of public comments.
  7. There is no guarantee that suggestions brought forth by the public during public comment sessions will be addressed by the board at the current or a future meeting.

Adopted February 8, 2010

Becoming a Public Library Trustee

Philosophy of Service

The Public Library is a place for everyone. Its collection of materials represents the broad spectrum of culture, history, and literature. It is the job of the Trustees to guide the Library's future, advocate for quality library service, and represent the library patrons and taxpayers.

The Library District

The Orcas Island Library is a junior taxing district established by popular vote in 1987. Community members support the library through property taxes while the non-profit Friends of Orcas Island Library organization raises funds to augment basic services. The Library is governed by a board of five individuals appointed by the San Juan County Council. By law, the Board must approve the budget, expenditures, and library policies.

How Are Library Trustees Chosen?

When a position is open, the Library Board forms a nominating committee. The Library publicizes the opening, inviting interested members of the community to submit a letter of interest and resume. The Director is available to share information about the Library District's history, basic budget, and current operations. The nominating committee reviews the application, interviews the potential trustees, creates a list appropriate for filling one or more vacancies, and makes a recommendation to the Library Board. After a vote, the Board makes a recommendation to the County Council, which then appoints one or more new Trustees.

Term of Office

The term of office is five years. Two consecutive terms may be served by law, although not by current practice. The appointment year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Commitment of Time

The regular Board meeting takes place at the Library on the second Wednesday of each month at 9 am. Generally meetings last 1 ½ to 2 hours. Occasionally committee assignments require additional time or the Board may undertake special projects which require the Trustees' involvement.

New Library Trustee Guidelines